Strength through tragedy.

I born and raised in the city of Boston and most of my family and many friends are still there. When the Boston Marathon bombing took place last week, as will all, I was shocked. My first reaction was complete vulnerability. Instantly I was worried for the people on the news and the people I knew and loved home in Boston. I was in fear of what area could be next and what would that mean for our country?

The next wave that went through me was the awareness that there are countries in this world that live in that fear every day. There are places, where our soldiers are, that they are grateful to wake up on a brand new morning unscathed. That thought brought me to tears. It reminded me how much I take peace and protection for granted.

As the week unfolded, I tried to make some sense out of the frightening act. I tried to focus on the thousands that helped and loved than the ones that did not. I tried to be grateful for the greatest medical care in the world minutes away from the site that prevented greater carnage. I tried to remember God has all of us in the palm of his hand- loving and guiding each step…even if that step is closer to him in spirit. I tried to trust God and love all rather than live in fear or anger.

The events of last week were beyond frightening. Seeing tanks and a lockdown in the city of Boston and the surrounding areas was surreal. It was like an awful movie we could not turn off. However, this was a perfect example of how tragedy shows the true colors of humanity coming together in love. There were so many heroes that rushed in to help people they did not even know. Our country and the world were together in love, prayer and even financially through the One Fund Boston for those that suffered such great loss. Sometimes, unfortunately, it is when we see such amazing examples of love, strength and hope.

The events in Boston last week, while awful, showed a nation coming together in strength. Our spirits were not broken, but our love was rekindled. We do not live in fear, but in greater community and respect for each other and the amazing men and women that protect and keep us safe in law enforcement. It brings tears of gratitude to my eyes to know we are “one nation under God” and that nothing could diminish our spirit.

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New Beginnings

The New Year is the perfect time for a life review. It is a time to be honest, thorough and
loving…not judgmental! It is time to sit down with a pen and paper or even at
your computer and determine if your life is where you want to be in the areas
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Self-Esteem
  • Personal Development
  • Physical Health & Fitness
  • Lifestyle or Quality of Life

Are you who and where you want to be?

Most people will not be there in every aspect of life, if any. Now, is your
opportunity to seize the day! Sit down and ask yourself what do I want and how
do I get there?

I am not talking about resolutions, but goals. The difference is a plan! The
importance is how much you value yourself and this life you have been given. As
long as you are reading this and have air in your lungs, you have the power to
change and create your life.

I urge you to take some time today to evaluate each aspect of your life lovingly.
It is not productive to be discouraged or overwhelmed. It is not about changing
everything now, but simply taking steps in the desired direction. It is
planning and doing the next right thing.


Remember to:

  1. Believe that you deserve all that you desire- because YOU DO!!! 
  2. Write your goals down.
  3. Check them often, at least weekly.
  4. Be certain they are in a realistic time frame.
  5. Determine the most important to begin with.
  6. Write some action steps of how to start.
  7. Find somebody you trust, a friend, partner, life coach to help hold you
  8. Never allow any person or circumstance to dissuade you from your plan.
  9. Adjust goals and action steps as needed, but never give up!
  10. Celebrate each accomplishment and step you make toward the life you choose!!!

I appreciate you sharing this year with me through this blog.

May 2013 be your most exciting and joyous year ever!
I wish you and your family happiness, prosperity and blessings in abundance in 2013!!!

Love & Blessings!

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Just for Today!

Most of us have all we need in this moment. We have a a comfortable home, food, clothes and people who love us. Too often we overlook all of the blessings of today for fear of the future.
All of our power is NOW. Our future depends solely on what we do with it. Choose to appreciate all you have and more will be attracted to you. But, if you choose to live in fear, rest assured, more to fear will come to you.
Just for today, I am enough, I do enough and I have all I need today!

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The power of goals.

If you had three helium filled balloons and you held the strings in your hand, as a bunch, it would not be difficult to maintain control of them. If you tried to gather them in from the top, you would be juggling to keep them gathered without one flying away or exploding. Your goals are your strings; they make it easy to sustain all aspects of your life; to maintain focus and control. If you release the strings or never attach any, you may never have or maintain the balance and direction over even the smallest bouquet. With enough control and practice, a dozen balloons are as easy to hold as the three, but create so much more beauty and a much fuller bouquet or life.

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The Gift of Service

I spent some time today in service. Life has been so busy, but there were a couple of things I had volunteered for and ended up spending most of my day off working with others. Going into the afternoon I questioned my scheduling. It had been a chaotic week filled with both family and professional drama. Although my intentions were good….what the heck was I thinking?

 Then, the person I was helping was almost an hour late. Ok, now I am aggravated. My head starts spinning on all the places I could be on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. Within minutes after he arrived, I not only understood why I offered my time, but was so grateful for his. He is an older member of one of the organizations I belong to and he needed help. He had done years of service for this organization, which has helped me immeasurably, and needed one more task to achieve their highest designation.

As I sat with this funny, personable and cheerful guy, he grew more frustrated with himself. He has been retired for years and his memory is not as perfect as it once was. I looked at him and pictured my grandfather; which I grew up so close to and passed away years ago. I was overwhelmed with gratitude! I was able to simplify the wordy manual for his one requirement at hand. I would want somebody to take a bit of time for my grandfather or for me. My attitude changed completely as my focus moved from me and my day off to humility for the many gifts I have been given. I sat with him in joy and all the chaos of the week passed. I even realized the time I waited helped me unwind. It had been my only still time all week. I was being more than doing. I was giving back just a little and my heart filled up as I did.

As this wonderful man walked out of my office I realized not only was I exactly where I was supposed to be, but how much I got out of the conversation. I get to be of simple service. I get to give and receive care and gratitude. I get to give back. Our time is the greatest gift we can bestow on others, but it was a great reminder for me to use it wisely.

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All of your power is now!

It is so easy to get caught up in the past or dreaming about the future. Today, this moment, is the only time that matters. What ever happened in the past helped make you who you are. Learn from it and let it go. Appreciate where you came from and never let it hold you back from where you are going. Only you can decide your path.

Your future is determined by RIGHT NOW! What are you choosing to be, a creator or a bystander? The choice is yours to make or it will be made for you. Determine your next right thing and stay focused and you can not possibly miss your target of greatness! Today is a gift, that is why it is called the present!!!

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About Believe In You Today!

BELIEVE IN YOU TODAY is dedicated to helping to motivate you to find out who and what you are meant to be.  We are here to encourage you to find your passion and the belief in yourself to live your dreams.
The joy is in the journey!!!!

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Hello World!

Hello World!

Spring is the time of year of new beginnings. Today is the beginning of a new  expansion for Believe In You Today! Our official blog is an exciting way to get regular doses of motivation and inspiration.

I look forward to sharing insights,  lessons, personal development suggestions, upcoming events and releases. As a Life Coach, I help others realize their potential by determining who they are and where they want to be. I look forward to helping YOU create the life you want and make more conscious choices. It is time to break the monotony and enjoy this moment!  All of your power is NOW and I am excited to help you grow in focus and awareness! Make it an amazing day!

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